About Christiaan

My name is Christiaan Vinkenborg, your guide in Brussels under the banner Guide2Art. As a Dutchman I have enjoyed living  and working in the Belgian capital ever since 2004. Since a couple of years I have been able to make my passion for art, architecture and history part of my work. After obtaining the tour guide diploma at the CVO COOVI in Anderlecht, Tourism Flanders officially recognised me as a Brussels city guide in 2017.

For effervescent art, imposing architecture, cultural trends, and an exciting urban history…you’ve come to the right Guide2Art! In the swirling and mysterious city of Brussels plenty of secrets can be discovered. I will be delighted to share my love for Brussels with you by means of guided tours, city walks and lectures in the city of Brussels and its surroundings.

Tailor-made and customised to your wishes concerning theme and content, for groups of 1 to 30 people, in English, Dutch or French…everything is possible. Your Guide2Art experience can be supplemented with a social get-together, a network event or a tasting of local food and drink. I hope to see you soon on a Guide2Art exploration!