Tours & Themes

Guide2Art offers tailor-made services and is customised to your desires concerning theme and area/district! Some ideas are listed below. I also do interior visits and suggestions/reservations for drinks, lunch and dinner – please feel free to contact me for more information!

Art & Architecture
in a historical context

~ Real and less real medieval, baroque and/or neo-classical art & architecture

~ Imagining the past in the 19th and 20th century: moving and reconstructing buildings, façades and monuments

~ Inventing the (architectural) past in 19th century Brussels

~ Art Nouveau and Art Deco: what’s the difference?

~ Art Nouveau and the fin de siècle in Brussels

~ Art Nouveau: Horta & Hankar

~ Art deco & modernism in Brussels (20th century) 

~ Modernist and/or post-modernist architecture in Brussels (20th & 21st century)

~ Post-modernism & the (contemporary) art scene in Brussels (20th & 21st century)

History, Architecture
& Urban Development 

~ Brussels since 1830: the new nation-state and symbols of power

~ Dutch, Spanish, Austrian or French traces in Brussels (16th-20th century)

~ Brussels and Europe, a history

~ Green Brussels: parcs, statues and monuments

~ Canals, railways and the industrial past of Brussels

~ Brussels and the Zenne river